Prevent sensitive data from being sent via email

Titus Data Identification is a virtually frictionless, cloud-based email data protection solution that uses the multi-pronged Titus Data Detection Engine and pre-configured cloud-based libraries to help you evaluate data in context and accurately identify sensitive data – before users send it to unauthorized recipients.

Research shows that up to 35% of data breaches are caused by internal employees accidentally sharing sensitive materials via email.

As humans will continue to make mistakes, it’s important to implement automated, intelligent, real-time tools that can prevent costly mistakes from ever happening.

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A seamless user experience

The cloud-based Titus Data Identification detects and identifies sensitive data in the background and requires no input from the user.

Administrators can pick a pre-configured library from the Titus catalog – optimized settings for finance, health care, manufacturing etc. – to significantly reduce deployment times.

Titus Data Identification is a solution on the cloud, built for the cloud. Our commitment and focus on the security of customer data, data sovereignty, and data governance are paramount, minimizing the risk associated with hosting data in the cloud.

How Titus Data Identification works

Titus Data Identification is unique in that it leverages the multi-pronged Titus Data Detection Engine to identify sensitive data. This comprehensive method can not only detect easily identifiable data strings like credit card numbers and SSN; it also uses machine learning to evaluate the context around each email.

For example, Titus Data Detection can detect content that present more subtle risks; e.g., an email that contains a name, an address, a case number, and a discussion of a health care issue.

Each data point alone in such an email might not be overly sensitive, but the combination of all of them in close proximity might indicate an increased sensitivity level.

The Titus Data Detection Engine reduces the risk for false positives and improves accuracy compared to most existing data protection solutions that rely on a single data detection method and can’t evaluate the sensitivity using the narrative context around email content.

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Minimize risk – achieve compliance

The ability to seamlessly identify sensitive data before an email is sent will help minimize risk to any organization.

The solution can also provide CSOs, CISOs, and other data stewards a clear picture on how sensitive data is handled within the organization.

This makes it easier to create and update internal processes, reporting, and reduce compliance and risk exposure.

Optimize your email data protection

Data privacy regulations around the world are growing in number and complexity while IT and security solutions struggle to keep up. GDPR, CCPA and other mandates require organizations to not only understand the context and the value of the vast amounts of data that flow through their systems, but also protect and report on that data.

Read our solution brief to learn more about how Titus Data Identification helps organizations reduce risk, ensure regulatory mandate compliance using a zero-footprint solution.

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